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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amelia Workman- Class and NYC Dreams

Hey Guys! I saw today that we hit over 6000 page views and it feels incredible! My classmate and friend Amelia Workman has started a fashion blog called Class and NYC Dreams. We decided to do an interview post together, so my readers could get to know her better and you can get to know me better. If you like this post be sure to check out her blog for the other half of the interview where she interviews me!

If you have been a long time reader of this blog I did an interview awhile back with a new YouTuber named Josie Baker, if you would like to check that out as well just go to the top of my main page and you can search for it by typing into the search bar.


Me: Hello Amelia how are you?
Amelia: Good yo!

Me: What have you been up to lately?
Amelia: I've been very busy with the musical rehearsals and sadly doing homework.

PS- We conducted this interview during our rehearsal for our upcoming school production of
Shrek The Musical. She is Teen Fiona (and an amazing one at that ;) ).

Me: I want to ask you a couple silly questions so my readers can get to know you better! If you could eat one meal only for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Amelia: Mac and Cheese!

Me: What clothing store is your favorite?
Amelia: J.Crew and Ann Taylor Loft
Me: (Laughs) I could have guessed that one!

Me: Dream Job?
Amelia: Musical Theatre Performer

Okay Amelia lets get into your blog a bit! I know you only started your blog recently so these answers will probably change as your blog develops but for right now lets jump into it!

Me: When did you begin blogging?
Amelia: Just last month!
Me: Wow, only a month and your already getting your first interview ;)

Me:What inspired you to start blogging?
Amelia: Ever since I got into fashion awhile ago, I've always had an interest in sharing my outfit ideas with others. I've posted on Tumbler and my outfits on Instagram, but I never had a formal outlet. One day after many people told me I should start one and wanting me to, I just was like well... why not?

Me: I've read one of your most recent articles, about the relation to fashion and art. It was an interesting and unique idea, it actually reminded me of one of my very early rants almost a year ago, but you brought it to life. Where do you get your inspiration?
Amelia:  Thank you! I get most of them from Pinterest and Tumblr, also sometimes at night I just think of really random things and I'm like, wow that's cool! I'm just a really out of the box thinker I suppose.

Me: In the future how do you see your blog progressing? Will you continue to focus on just fashion? I know you love makeup as well! Your really good at it as well!
Amelia: I think right now, I'm going to focus on fashion and incorporate makeup into my articles. I also would like to do some articles on lifestyle and that sort of thing. I just never want my blog to do mainstream topics, and if I do they would have to have some sort of twist.

Me: Are there any posts that your working on that you could give us a little incite on?
Amelia:  I'm working on some more ideas for spring and summer looks. Possibly a Spring Summer look book could be headed your way soon!
Me: Well I will definitely be on the look out for that!

Me: What would you say your personal style is?
Amelia: Even though I'm predominately preppy, I like to mix different styles in with it. I like to mix different styles in with it. I love vintage, classic, and older looking styles. I love polka dots, as it could be taken by my blog name.

Me; Is there a style that you necessarily don't wear but admire? Your #StyleCrushSaturday you could say!
Amelia: I like bohemian style and some earthy looks.

Me: Who is your style icon?
Amelia:I love Sarahbelle93x from YouTube, Sarah Vickers who is the fiancée of designer of Kiel James Patrick, and Jenna lyons the creative director of J.Crew. Oh and also, Lauren Conrad.

Me: Who are your favorite bloggers? YouTubers?
Amelia: I love the YouTuber Sarahbelle93x, Lauren and Emery ( who also have blogs), Tati ( GlamlifeGuru), Glamourkate08 AND YOU BABE
Me: ( laughs head off) SideNote- That was figurative, I still in fact have my head still attached to my person.

Me: Well I have to say I' very impressed by your following so far! I'm excited to see how your blog develops and the new content you create in the future.  <3 Stay Fabulous <3
Amelia: Thanks Bro <3


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