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Friday, May 15, 2015

Easy, Breeze Summer Hairstyles

Its getting hotter outside everyday and if you have long locks like mine, or a simple bob it's time to start thinking about what your going have to do with your hair in order to avoid a hot and sweaty mess. Here is some hairstyle I have been loving recently and a few more that you could try out!

Don't want to commit to a full updo? Try half up and half down for a casual look.
Half Up Bun- Half Down:
I love this hairstyle because it takes at least one layer off your head, but still gives you a beachy chic look.
You can style it messy like this or you could even take it into a more formal area by tightening the bun and curling the lower layer. For an easy bun grab the hair together and begin twisting upwards, then take a finger and wrap the hair around it and secure it with a ponytail holder. This process is super quick. This also works for short- medium length hair.

SUMMER QUICK TIP #1: Always keep a hair tie on your wrist or in your purse.

Braided Pigtails:
"Squeezing you tight and holding you close Is all I feel inside Although I try to hold in my love It's something that I just can't hide." -Boyz II Men
Embrace your inner Anna with this classic easy look. My favorite part about braided pigtails is all the creative liberty you can have with them. You could go for a french, dutch, fishtail, rope, or any variation that fits your hair type best. Want a thicker braid? After finishing the braid, gently pull at pieces to loosen. You can also make the braid tighter by doing a french braid from the top of the head down into a regular three strand braid.

Got Bangs?:
Pesky bangs/side bangs can make your forehead sweat like nobody's bushiness. Need a fun way to get them out of your face?

Four Headband Braids |

11 Interesting And Useful Hair Tutorials For Every Day, DIY Style a Cute Side Braid Hairstyle
The Ultimate Beauty Guide: How To French Braid Bangs

<3 Stay Fabulous <3
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Did you like this post? What was your favorite hairstyle?

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