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Monday, August 10, 2015

Top 6: Back to School Survival Tips

Well folks due to the inevitable orbiting of our earth around the sun, I have started school!
This is officially my second week, and while I am surviving I figured I'd share my top 6 high school survival tips with you all, in hopes that maybe some of you starting school will be able to retain some of your sanity.
1) Bring Snacks
Your body needs fuel to keep you going throughout the day. I suggest packing a small snack that will keep you full and satisfied like pretzels. Just make sure you only eat , if the teacher allows it.

2) Keep a hair elastic with you at all times!

  • This tip really is the gymnast inside talking. If you have long hair, like myself, or even medium length hair your going to get hot during the day. No one wants to be all sweaty, and I'd rather sacrifice a good hair day then getting overheated.

3) Have Gum or Mints

  • Not only is this a conversation starter, but lets be real, no one likes awful smelling breath. Your going to be talking with people and conversing and having fun, don't kill the mood with bad breath. Be careful though once you open that pack there might be a stampede. Plus Winter Green mints... they're magical.

4) Please wear sensitive shoes

  • If you cant walk in heels, do not wear them to school. Your mission is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. 

5) Do your Homework

  • Unfortunately there will be teachers that will give you homework on the first day of school. Just get over it , and get into the habit of getting it done. Once you get back into the groove it wont seem so bad. 

6) Get peoples numbers

  • Reach out and ask for peoples numbers in each class. This way if you miss something a day in class, you can ask them what happened that day. And who knows, maybe you'll even turn out to be good friends.

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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