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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweater Weather Fever + Where I've Been

* Side Note: Currently watching Age Of Adeline for the first time. I will tell you how I like it...

Well Hey There,

Its been a while , I know, I'm so disappointed. If you've been reading or keeping up with me on social media, I have recently moved and I started a new school.  Its been hard adjusting and trying to figure out things lately but I want to start up my blog again! My 2nd year blogiversary  will be on December 8th this year and my goal is to get to 11,000 Pageviews.  I know we can do it, and I want to really work on great content for you guys.
Sweater Weather Fever

Okay so it may not " technically" be fall yet here in the USA but temperatures are dropping in the mornings and the people have spoken...

* Movie is getting intense

HAS RETURNED! And with its glorious return we see all the other fall trends starting to emerge. The dark lips, army green, ankle booties, gold accessories... I'm so excited for it all. So break out those apple cinnamon candles, and whip out those pumpkin spice lattes because fall is back.

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

* Love Interest has appeared, okay movie I see where this is headed

*smirking face*

As always if you want to see something in particular feel free to comment down below.
Photo Credit:
"fall-boots" by Olia Gozha is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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