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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Naked 2 Pallet- Is It Worth It?

I received the Naked 2 Pallet from my grandmother for Christmas last year, and I figured that I've had it long enough to do a review on it. The Urban Decay- Naked Line is really a favorite of mine, as well as many other's in the beauty community. The Naked pallets are known for their high quality, incredibly pigmented colors, and easy blending ability. When I first held it in my hands I knew that my makeup game would never be the same, from now on it would be flawless!

I am a very accident prone person. I have dropped this pallet many times. This pallet has done an amazing job of keeping intact! One of the shadows has dislodged itself unfortunately, however it has not shattered. Also I have not gotten through a single shadow yet, and I use this pallet almost everyday.

Overall I really love this pallet. I haven't really played with the gray and silver too much. But I do have to say that this pallet would be nothing without its counterpart- Naked 2 Basics. My favorite thing about the pallet is that it is ready to use for everyday or night, school or elegant formal wear, the versatility is endless. It may be pricey but my ruling....


<3 Stay Fabulous <3


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