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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

" So You're Moving" - 5 Tips for New Students

Moving schools is definitely one of the scariest parts of moving. It's an entirely new environment. New people, new teachers, new hallways- new new new! I remember the first week walking through my new school last year. It was huge and I was very not used to that. I went from a school that had 200 people to almost 3000. My hands were shaking, by mind was a buzz, and I couldn't seem to look anyone in the eye because I was just so nervous. But I found my footing and remembered who I was and I found ways to get through that first week.

1. Get Involved
Everyone says this, not only because it's an obvious way to meet people, but because it's valid. Getting involved works. I'm very passionate about music, specifically chorus and theater. Joining the women's choir at my school was one way I found people to befriend. These people shared my passion and determination and I clicked really well with them. Not only that but the first week of school, auditions were held for their One Act fall musical. It seems extremely early ( which it was ), but auditioning for that musical was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was made up of an ensemble of 12 people, and I was a swing. That meant that I had to learn every part in the cast in order to fill in for one of them if someone dropped out and fill in during rehearsals and take notes. I proved my work ethic and talent to some very influential and key people in the department and because of that not only did I make friends but I gained a lot of respect. I even went on for a girl our closing night.

Being in these two departments absolutely shaped the course of my year there. Find something you are passionate about or interested in and get in there!

2. Learn how to Learn Names
This is a key skill in life, but it is especially essential when moving to a new place. Everyone has their own tricks. One trick I use is after they tell me their name I will repeat it out loud as well as in my head multiple times during the conversation. I also try to picture the first letter of their name over their face or notice a special feature about their appearance. Also don't be afraid to ask for their name again, they understand you are new and you have SO MANY NAMES to learn.

3.  Use Social Media to Your Advantage
Image result for instagram logoSocial Media is THE WAY to get connected with people in this generation. I always go and follow people on Instagram after I meet them- If they are unprivated. Then I usually follow this up by looking through their page and seeing what they are interested in. If they are privated I usually get to know the person a little better before following them because I realize that they only use their account for people they know personally.

Also question for thought: #InstagramStories ? How do we feel about this? As an avid Snapchat user I feel personally... well a little creeped out. Like Instagram stay in your own lane. I could see if Snapchat and them partnered up but I don't like it.

4.  Speak Up in Class
If you need to ask a question, ask it. If you want to throw in your input do it. Be an active member of the discussion. People will notice you being engaged and will want to know more about the person behind the answers.

5. Transcript Changes are the Worst- but it will all work out!
I've had some really bad encounters with switching over my credits and classes while enrolling in school. It may seem like the end of the world when things don't switch over correctly or you lose some really nice quality points because the new school you are going to doesn't offer the course, but in the long run it's going to be okay. Just Breathe and it will be okay. Make sure to look online for your school Course Handbook so you can come into your counseling session prepared.

<3 Stay Fabulous<3

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