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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and I'd like to provide you with an opportunity to enact change in the United States to help survivors of Sexual Violence. In the United States the number of Sexual Violence cases have risen to astronomical amounts. Rape in particular is a very prevalent issue. Every time a victim goes to a medical facility to be treated after they have been raped, a nurse will conduct an examination of the patient to complete the contents of a RAPE KIT. These rape kits are then transported to Law Enforcement facilities to be DNA tested.

However in the United States, many of the Kits that are suppose to be tested right away, are getting thrown in storage facilities and might not be touched for many years.These kits are considered to be backlogged. In Texas alone there are 20,000 Rape Kits yet to be tested, 13,435 in Florida, 15,217 in Michigan. When the kits are not tested in a timely manner, trial dates can be pushed farther and farther out and the victim may not receive justice for an overly exaggerated period of time. Perhaps the scariest part in all of this, is that some jurisdictions are not required to report their numbers, meaning that the number of untested kits out there is a lot larger than we think.

END THE BACKLOG is a movement created to educate people in the United States about this devastating issue. It is also to bright light to the states that still need to make reforms in their policies-putting an end to the lack of efficiency.

Advocates create change, and that is what I'm calling you to do. I am creating a Letter Writing Campaign for my World Lit class. I'm looking for writers who would be willing to write letters to their state government officials about this issue. If you are interested in helping me END THE BACKLOG please send me an email at:

Not only will you be helping me with my project, you will also be contributing to a great cause!
For More Information visit:


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