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Saturday, September 24, 2016

"So You're Moving" - Living Out of a Suitcase

Transitioning between houses can be so stressful when moving and often times I've found that you end up living out of your suitcase for a good three weeks. This year when I moved my family lived in a hotel for a couple weeks while we were waiting to close on our house. While continental breakfast was nice to have everyday, living in a hotel is not as fun as Zack and Cody from Suite Life made it out to be. You are under no circumstances allowed to ride on luggage carts, there is no game room, and there was no quirky electrician named Arwin.

Anyways here are my tips and tricks for living out of your suitcase!

1. Pack Clothes Wisely
Packing your suitcase for moving, is almost like packing for summer camp. You want to look cute but also be comfy. You need to make sure you pick out outfits that work with each other. If you are moving in the summer I find that jean shorts are definitely your best friend. They match with everything and you can pair them with sneakers or flip flops and they'll still work. Also don't forget to bring a dress that is easy to throw on if you're heading out quickly and also if you need something fancier to wear to church or something you are covered.

If you're hotel has a pool don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

2. Maximize the Potential of your Makeup Bag
The fact is, you are not going to be able to take your entire arsenal of makeup with you during this time so it's important to pack the essentials. My top tips are to pack waterproof mascara, a pretty neutral lip shade, one eye shadow pallet, a primer, and definitely your favorite foundation. Obviously anything you pack extra is up to you! Just as a side note: make sure to pack things that travel well-be cautious with things that have mirrors or loose powders. Also don't forget to pack hair essentials like pony-tail holders or any hot tools you need on a regular basis.

3. Pack more than one pair of shoes
You are definitely going to want to pack some flip flops for your trips to the hotel pool. I also like to take some brown or black sandals that are comfortable for walking in, and a pair of sneakers for any activities that your parents spring on you! NEVER FORGET TO PACK SOCKS. If you are experiencing lower temperatures bring some neutral boots/booties.

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

Don't forget to check out some my other posts in the "So You're Moving" series! I hope everyone is having a great school year.
Photo Creds : Airport by Hernán Piñera is licensed under (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Edits by Paige Terch

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