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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Into The Woods, Kid President, and 171 Medals

2015 is going to be a great year for the movies, I can just tell. I recently saw the Broadway musical turned movie, Into the Woods! I absolutely loved it. The cast was spectacular and the music was so amazing. I haven't been able to get any of the songs out of my head, luckily YouTube has the entire soundtrack online which is AWESOME!

Yesterday after I finished my normal Friday routine (stalking on social media, Netflix reruns, the works) and I was feeling a little artsy. I grabbed some of my brushes and some cream  shadows and just started dreaming. I got inspired by Into the Woods and created a tree scene and I think it turned out really cool. If you enjoy musicals, then go... INTO THE WOOD

Kid President:
Awhile back, in seventh grade, my teacher showed our class an inspirational video featuring a boy calling himself "Kid President". I recently rediscovered his videos and I love them so much. The message this boy spreads is amazing. I love the encouragement he spreads and his laughter is contagious. PLUS HE FAVORITED MY TWEET :)

171 Medals:
As many of you know I was a gymnast for 10 and a half years and I competed for 6 of those. Over that time I have collected many medals and trophies (and I'm extremely grateful for all of them) . I really never counted them or anything, I always just displayed them on my wall. After about 2 years, from when I "retired", I decided it was time to count them up. With each one I put on, it brought me back to when I won them. My friend Kaylee helped me put them on and somehow we got them all around my neck, 171 in total. All I have to say is... I almost fell over. 


Hey Guys!  I'm so sorry for not blogging last week. My computer has totally fried, so I'm using my mom's laptop for now. 
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