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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Inspiration: 100th Post

Hey Guys!

I couldn't decide what to do for this special occasion, but If you haven't heard, history is being made on the east coast and we had a Snow Day today! So I thought that because my first post was made on a Snow day, I would do another post in the snow where it all started.  What an amazing transformation and journey I have had over these one hundred posts! I was thinking about doing an #AskFabulous but those never seem to work well... 

But I say LET IT SNOW!

Lets start from the bottom! I'm wearing my black combat boots and grey & white speckled calf high socks that I purchased at my local rac room shoes. Next I'm wearing some dark blue skinny jeans from Wallflower. On my torso I am wearing a dark blue tank under a purple quarter length sleeve sweater that I purchased from the Loft. Then I topped it off with my beautiful scarf that my grandma crocheted herself. Finally I threw on an old trench coat that my mom purchased from JCPennys.  

I first started by using my poreless primer from Tarte Cosmetics. Then I used my beauty blender to apply my new full-coverage foundation by Tarte also. I honestly love this foundation. I'm breaking out everywhere so I needed something full coverage. I then used my Instant Age Rewind  Eraser Concealer to highlight and conceal my blemishes. I set that with my powder foundation from Physicians Formula.To bring some color to my face I used some Cheekers Blush from Covergirl in a pink color ( the exact name had rubbed off). I applied that on the apples of my cheeks and brought it upwards. I contoured my face using my mineral bronzer from Mineral elements. I filled in my eyebrows just a bit with my eyebrow pencil from Maybelinne New York. I put some berry toned red lipstick on my lips. For my eyes used the Naked 2 pallet and the Naked basics pallet to combine matte and shimmery shades and to  create a warm girly look. Finally I topped it off  by tightlineing  my eyes with black eyeliner and winging it slightly and putting some Pumped Up mascara on my eyelashes. 

I channeled my inner Elsa with this super cool side french braid. Before braiding I waved out my hair with my Bed head waver that I received for Christmas. 

Comment if you had school off today! Thank you all for continually coming back every week and reading, it makes me so happy. 

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