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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Winter Tag!

Hello all you Beautiful People,
If you follow me on twitter you will see that I was over the moon yesterday! I received many new page views this week and I'm floored! I just can't believe it! I have been waiting to hit 4000 and to see over 4200 the other day was just amazing. Thank you guys so much for making my day!!!

I was thinking of continuing makeup basics today but I felt like having a little more fun. So I decided to to do the winter Tag. Lets get into it Shall we?

Winter Tag <3

What are your top 2 winter Beauty essentials?

I love glittery eye shadows to bring some color to my pale non sun kissed face.
I also must have berry toned or plum lips.

What are your top 2 winter fashion essentials?

Without a doubt long socks and thick faux fur lined coats. I guess you could say that my school is open campus so, I'm always outside. In the snow. Freezing to death.

What shoes do you tend to wear most in the winter?

I'm really into fringe boots and combat boots. Also when I'm having a down day I like to wear my knock off uggs. Anything to keep me warm.

Favorite Winter Accessory?

Big big scarves...

Favorite Winter themed Nail polish?

I love wearing red nail polish in the winter. It keeps my holiday mood running through the cold winter months.

Hot Coco or Hot Apple Cider?

Hot coco all the way , unless it is Swiss Miss, in which case... Oh well.

Favorite Winter Candle?

Anything vanilla or cinnamon scented. 

Snowboarding or Skiing?

Snow tubing, yeah that's more my speed. If I even attempted to ski I'd probably end up crashing into a tree. 

Have you ever gone ice skating? Are you any good?

Yes I actually go ice skating quite frequently. I have to say I am pretty good, I can even do a spin! I understand that's probably not the proper name for it and I want to apologize.

Does it snow where you live?

Yes! I have had multiple snow days already.

Have you ever made a snowman?

I have actually, well it was more of a ice man. The temperatures got extremely cold and froze the existing snow.

What holiday do you celebrate?


Favorite Holiday Song?
Probably The Christmas Song or Baby Its Cold Outside. 

Favorite movie?

The Hallmark Channel in General

Favorite Winter Treat?

Cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Again have you seen my twitter bio?

If you were to ask Santa for one all guaranteed gift, what would it be?
That's such a difficult question. Probably the basic stuff like world peace, and an end to world hunger. But if it had be something crazy , it would have to be the ability to fly. 

Do you have anything planned for this winter?
Well break is over but I am hoping to go snow tubing this weekend. 

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