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Sunday, September 21, 2014

High School Makeup Tutorial + SURPRISE!!!!

Hey Guys!
How you been doing? I hope you have been having a wonderful school year! So today I wanted to share with you my high school makeup tutorial. Just as a Disclaimer, makeup is all about preference so if you do not want to wear this much makeup or you want to include more its all up to you... Plus you may be wondering why there is no pictures for this post... well there is a video continuation of this post on Youtube (WHAAAATTTT!!!!!) So come on down and Check It Out! Link will be down below...

1. I first start by applying my Neutrogena health skin primer. This primer does a pretty good job at keeping my makeup on all day. Primer helps me especially when I'm in dance class, LET ME TELL 'YA! All I do it swipe this all over my face where I'm going to apply my makeup, with my hands. When doing this be sure not to be to harsh. Be nice to your skin!

2. Next I take my beauty blender (because what would a tutorial be without it) and my Physicians Formula BB Cream that I featured in my last favorites post, (
 and blending into my skin. I am making sure to carry it onto my neck and into my hairline slightly.

3. After this we gotta cover up those dark circles. So I take my Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser from Maybelline in the color fair, and swiping this onto my dark circles and any blemishes I may have on my face.

P.S My face is clearing up finally! Woot Woot!

I then blend it in with my beauty blender. However if you do not have one ,your finger will also do a fairly good job.

4. To set my foundation I take a fluffy brush and swipe Cover girl's oil control pressed powder on my T-zone, under my eyes to set the concealer, and on my chin.


Also if you are a fan of highlighting you may want to do that before this step. I really only highlight my face if I am going somewhere special. For highlighting I opt for my Laura Mercier secret camouflage duo.

5. This step is really optional, but if you would like to add some dimension to your face this is the time for contouring. When I'm feeling up to it I will take my fluffy brush again ( which is probably making beauty guru's out there cringe ) and taking a blusher bronzer from my Haute Jersey pallet by NYX( which I think is discontinued sadly) and contouring my face by working with the E3 Style. If you do not have this pallet, you can just take your favorite bronzer and use the same technique I am using here.

6. Now is the time to move onto the eyes, First you should start of with an eyelid primer,  but because I fail at life I still have not picked one up... Since this is a high school tutorial, I think we can play up the eyes a little more. For me I like to start all my eye looks with creme shadow bases in solid colors. I think it makes the powder based shadows stick to adhere to the lid better and it gives a little more dimensions. I'm going to start of by using my Color Tattoo Metal 24hr from Maybelline's EYESTUDIO in the shade Barely Branded and using my finger to spread that all over the lid and slightly to my inner corners.

7. After this we need to define our crease. I like using my Color Stay Mineral Eye Shadow in Sunlight jade for this step, but you can use any light brown for this. For this step I take my flat shader brush from Shany Cosmetics and take the brush color and focus it in my crease and outer v.

8. Next I take a slightly darker brown from my Haute Jersey pallet on a small brush , also from Shany, and focus this in my outer v.

9. After this is done, its is time to blend. I like to take my double sided brush and blend all of the shadows together and upwards. Remember when blending its good for them to look one color, but not so much that it looks muddy.

10. Then taking a highlighting shade with a shader brush, I am applying this right under my brow bone. This would be the time to fill in your brows and all that jazz however, I am not very good at it so I will save you from the horror.

11. After this I tightline my eyes with my favorite eyeliner that I feature in my favorites so check it out! ( More Self Promotion :p)

12. Lastly I am curling my lashes and applying numerous coats of my favorite mascara combo at the moment. First I use Covergirl's lash exact in black, to separate the bottom and top lashes. Then I follow up with Covergirl's lashblast Volume mascara to volumize my lashes and give them that final touch.

13 Finally I brush them through with an brow brush and pop on some chap stick and voila!


I hope you get a chance to try this out! Click the title and comment down below if you liked it + WHat are you looking forward to most about fall?

Youtube Link:

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