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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Outfit Inspiration

Hello Beauties (Bringing it back the old days),

     You all know how much I love the fall time, so I figured it was time for another Outfit Inspiration. If you don't remember or you are new to my Blog I did a summer inspiration post a while back:
I am in love with this outfit. I have to say it is pretty  "On Point" and great for the fall time.

       First off I kept my makeup simple with some gold and brown shades and red lips because, fall...duh. Starting from the bottom, I am wearing some light brown combat boots with gold accents from Rac Room Shoes. These are super comfy and they give me and extra inch ( making me taller than I am already). Combat boots are perfect for the fall and go great with my Wallflower dark wash skinny jeans. Next I paired a black tank top with my red-white-blue flannel from Aeropostale. It is actually made out of cotton material so it is very light and form fitting. Over top of that I am wearing this amazing brown leather jacket from WetSeal . It has detailing at the elbows and it is pinched in at the waist giving you a very flattering look. My nails are in the shade "through the grapevine" from Wet and Wild. It is a great mauvy (?) color and complements the look nicely. To top it off I am wearing a burgundy infinity scarf from WetSeal as well. Lastly I am wearing my large diamond earrings from Aeropostale. 

If you like this look (as much as I do) you can follow me on my Instagram: @fabulouslyme21 and like it. Comment Down below your number one, absolute, without a doubt, must have fall essential this season! I hope you were inspired by this look and if your looking for some more fall inspiration I have a  Fall Inspired Makeup Tutorial on my channel now ,so be sure to check it out. 

*Extra posts may be on the way this week so be on the look out!

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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