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Saturday, November 29, 2014

TREND ALERT: Shaggy Fur Vest

My winter wardrobe always calls for an absolute need for layering, mostly to do to with the (literally) freezing temperatures. Unfortunately this can sometimes result in me looking like a marshmallow or a snow man ( not that I have anything against snowmen....OLAF!). You have to find the right balance between the need for warmth and the need for style. I already talked about the return of the turtleneck but I have spotted another trend on the rise.

The "shaggy fur" vest as like to call it is actually quite a stunning piece I have to say. It really catches your eye and it is the perfect statement piece to top of any winter look. This vest is great for the edgy ,eclectic girl and the fashionista alike. Personally, I feel like I would get so distracted by the movement of it and knowing myself I would probably would get it all wet and dirty. These vests have always symbolized high fashion but now they are making their way into junior fashion as well. I love that high fashion is influencing the younger generation. Love Ya <3 Stay Fabulous <3




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