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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Formal Events 101

Take your seats because class is in session! My church's youth group is dressing up in all formal attire, going to golden corral (ironically) and then having like a red carpet event back at the church. So today I'm going to give to you my Ultimate Guide for Having the Best Formal Event Ever ( title in progress.

First off lets start with the makeup! Doing my makeup for formal events is always fun because you can go really fancy with contouring and eyeliner ( which I don't do on an everyday basis). For events like this I really like to focus on my eyeballs!I really feel they are one of my best features so I always make sure to play them up! Oh wait why would I tell you when I can just show you!

Click Here To Watch!
For My Hair:
I really like using a wand to curl my hair for events. This gives my hair a lot of volume and is super easy to use. It comes with a protective glove which I probably should use but...


1.Pick a dress that really compliments your figure without being all about skin ( unless your into that sort of thing). I really like to pick dresses that bring out my inner sparkle! 

2. Really think about what the location and event calls for. If your going out to eat before white may not be the best option. If you are going to wear white maybe bring a super large jacket so you wont harm your beautiful dress.

3. Being the fabulous person you are, you are most likely going to be invited to many events in your time. I am all for splurging for things like prom and your wedding day, but you can be bold on a slightly smaller price tag. I find apps like amazon and Zulily have amazing deals all the time on dresses and other items. 

The Clutch:
A small purse or clutch on hand is ESSENTIAL! This is going to be your ultimate lifesaver!
During the big night of dancing and eating ( and eating and eating and eating) your going to be in need of some touch ups. Some things you should always bring:

1. Oil blotting sheets:
          Make sure to do this before powdering because powder on top of oil can look cakey and well...


2. Pressed Powder: I like my orange pressed powder from Physicians formula.

3. Lipstick

4. Your cellphone: in case of emergency ( or awkward situations.)

5. Feminine Hygiene Products: enough said...

Rules of Events:
1. Have the best time of your life
2. Make Some Memories

Do you have any event horror stories? I sure do! Leave them in the comments!


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