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Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Count Down: Top Ten

Its that time of year again where we count down the final days of summer before school starts. Even though the clock is ticking down ( and we rush to finish all summer assignments and summer adventures ) we still have one thing to accomplish...

My summer count down! Starting today with my....

Top Ten Ways to Change Your Look

Are you finding yourself constantly wearing the same outfit everyday? Okay maybe not the EXACT same outfit everyday because well... But you know what I mean? Sometimes I find myself going for the same thing over and over again because I know it works, and in theory that's a great idea but sometimes you've got to change things up! But how? 

1. Try something new with your hair!
Yes I know this has nothing to do with your outfit, but It kind of does. I've found that a change in hairstyle can make an ordinary outfit become something totally new. I have naturally straight hair, so if I want something to be a bit more polished, I grab my curling wand and 20-30 minutes later magic happens!

2. When shopping try something on you NEVER would!
For a while I would go shopping and end up trying on five different white shirts, each only slightly different than the next. I realized that I needed to try something new. So I grabbed a pair of pattern pants and a 70's style flowy shirt will bell sleeves and just went for it. Granted I looked completely ridiculous, but it is important to branch out because ( unlike my case) you might end up finding your new look.

3. Ditch The Skinnies!
The minute winter hits I find myself in dark wash denim skinny jeans almost every single day! In my defense it was freezing where I lived and I had to travel outside through the downtown area! And while skinny jeans have their benefits there are OTHER OPTIONS! "You can't wear a dress in the winter!" one might say. Let me tell you something: fleece line leggings. 

4. Pinterest Binge 
I have found Pinterest to be an extremely helpful style tool. Make a new board with styles you'd like to try, grab a friend, and just go for it! If you just type in teen fashion and the season, the many many pinners out there will guide you to your style dreams :)

5. Eat Better
Sometimes its not your style that needs a makeover, but your body. Eating better will make you FEEL excessively better. I have a problem digesting things with heavy fat contents like whole milk, ice cream, extremely greasy fried chicken, and others. And while I LOVE TO EAT THOSE THINGS WITH A PASSION they make me feel HORRIBLE. I'm telling you the minute you cut things out of your diet that make you feel bad,  it makes all the difference.

6. Change One Thing About Your Makeup Routine
If your bored with your makeup routine, change one thing. Whether this mean grabbing an eyeliner pencil and trying some new shapes, or going for a bold lip instead of a complicated eye routine, this will give you some new variety and excitement in your morning routine. 

7. Strip it Down to the Basics
For some of us the problem is not getting lazy with our looks but over accessorizing. Try simplifying your routine. Find outfits that very basic so your love for accessorizing doesn't clash with your FABULOUS outfit.

8.Do a Style Swap
Grab a friend with an opposite style to your yours and do a style swap. I did this with my friend Bethany and it was super, super fun! You and your friend separate for a good 10 minutes and you each pick outfits that you would wear and then when you get to the dressing rooms you swap selections and have fun! 

9. Change your attitude
This is a big one for me. If you want to make a change, with your look, sometimes the underlying problem could be the way your feeling. If you want to change your look because you think that it's the only way to be noticed or the only way to feel better, its not. Can it be a huge confidence booster, finding your style and such? Yes, yes it can. But you have to love yourself and your insides first before a change in style will really even matter. Find one way to make a change. For me I really need to work on how I treat my siblings. 

10. Work It!
Whatever you find you like to wear, you just got to work it! 

<3 Stay Fabulous <3


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