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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top 8: Styles

When someone asks you what your style is, what would you say? Would you know what to say? Usually I say my style is a mixture of a lot of different things. I'd define my style as girly, glam, with an Edgy twist. Here are 8 styles that I find people fit into. Comment down below which number you are!

1. Edgy

Leather, army green, and grunge is the cry of the edgy generation. If you think "Edgy" is about wearing all black then you've got it wrong. Having an edgy style is about pushing the boundaries and mystery coming together to create a storm of fashion supremacy.


This style is about taking things you would wear as a child, and bringing them into modern day. Floral and pastel, and polka dots are the staples of this style. This style is easy to combine with others though.

3. Bohemian

I personally love the bohemian style and I wish I could incorporate more of it into my wardrobe. Bohemian is all about reflecting the beauty of the earth through your clothing. Whether this means earth toned colors or gorgeous flowers intricately braided into ones hair.

4. Men's Wear Inspired

This is a really cool trend and style. This style is really all about the cut and tailoring of the garments. I think this style is almost futuristic in a way. It is very rare that one can really pull of this style, but those who can, I commend.

5. Eclectic

To have an eclectic style is to pull inspiration from various different places and styles. Its the art of combining something and creating something completely new.

6. Vintage

Taking something from decades and decades past and creating a new and modern look is truly remarkable. This style is stunning and cute and I just love it!

7. Preppy

Golf Course chic is how I like to describe this style. Collared shirts, colored shorts, and monogrammed bags are definitely staples that define a prep.

8. Glam

This style is a mixture of edgy, girly, and fashionista. This style is all about taking formal attire down one notch and taking it to the streets. Who doesn't want to look fabulous all the time, AM I RIGHT?

<3 Stay Fabulous <3


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