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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top Nine : High School Expectations VS Reality "Freshman Year":

Our summer count down is still in session and I'm sorry I didn't get to this yesterday, but it is currently 11:30 and I'm inspired so lets get to it. This expectations vs reality concept has been floating around YouTube for a while so I decided that I'd give it ago, but in a written form.

So I'm going to be an incoming high school Sophomore this year and I have to say freshman year, for the most part, was awesome and I will remember it for a long time. But lets be real, it was STRESSFUL. As I've previously mentioned I did go to a Performing Arts High School so my experience probably was a little different from the average, but I'm sure there are topics that carry through every high school environment.

1. The "Popular Crowd"
Expectation: There will be this one group of girls who always looks fabulous, is rich, has fancy cars, and is extremely rude and passive aggressive to every "non popular " individual. Then there's the group of super attractive males who play football that every girl fawns over.

Reality: The people who were considered popular at my school were usually seniors who were super advanced in their art, and were genuinely nice to people. It was cool, their were no mean girls who roamed the halls in slow-mo, or tossing of lunch, it was just people who loved what they did, and treated people like people.

2. The " High School Musical" Fantasy
Expectation: I would meet a guy at a ski resort before school started and we'd both change the social dynamic of the school ,and its various stereotypes would be crushed by our bravery and commitment to do what we loved while everyone broke out into musical numbers on the spot.

Reality: The guy part aside, I came in knowing only a few, made some great friends, and yes, sometimes we did break out into song and choreographed routines. What can I say, we were musical theater students.

3.The Look
Expectation: Every morning I'm going to wake up at 6:00 o'clock and take a shower and curl my hair. Then I'm going to make myself coffee and watch some tv. Then I will stroll up the stairs casually to finish my morning routine activities.

Reality: Oh MY GOODNESS! I woke up late again. Now I have to run downstairs grab my coffee and breakfast, bring it upstairs, blow dry my hair, throw something on, do a quick version of the makeup routine, run out the door and pray that I didn't forget anything.

4. Meeting the Guy Of My Dreams!
Expectation: I'll see him on the first day and just now that there is something special about him. Our eyes will lock and by the end of the year we are the couple that everybody " Awwwws" at.

Reality: no. Enough said

5. Going to Parties!
Expectation: There's a party and anybody who is anybody will be there. And I. have. been. invited!!! Now I have to find the perfect outfit, and grab my group of girls and dance the night away.

Reality: no. I did go to a Quincenera and a Masquerade ball so I think those were better than any high school party anyways. They were both a lot of fun and I learned a lot!

6. The Locker
Expectation: My locker is going to be spectacular this year. I'm going to get a white board, and a chandelier, and a locker rug. I need to start looking up Youtube videos for inspiration this minute!

Reality: In all honesty I didn't do one thing with my locker! No frills, no decoration, nothing.

7.Football Games
Expectation: The whole school will be there! I'm so excited! Even though I know absolutely nothing about football I think this is an essential part of my high school experience!

Reality: My school didn't have sports. If you wanted to do any outside activities you had to sign a contract with both school ensuring your work at both would not decline.

8. The supplies
Expectation: I know I say I want cute supplies but I think I probably should go with a simple color coded system that will keep me organized and will ensure success !

Reality: I actually went out and bought almost the entire Teen Vogue School Supply section and

9.Social Life
Expectations: I'm going to hang out with my friends every single weekend. It will be a blast. We will go out to get frozen yogurt and hang out at the mall.

Reality: Social Life, what is that? I've never heard of such a thing. Don't you have rehearsal, don't you have a show coming up, don't you have homework, DO YOU SLEEP, ARE YOU SANE?

As you can see, my first year of high school didn't turn out exactly as expected but in all honesty, in the end it was a great year.

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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