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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Things To Do On a Rainy Day
Nothing bums out big summer plans like an unexpected rainy day! But sometimes rainy days can be some of the best days to take a step back and just enjoy some alone time. Instead of feeling stuck take the opportunity to do something to get in touch with yourself and your family.

1. Read a Book
Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than reading a whole book in one day. I finally got the go ahead to start reading the Harry Potter Series ( to the one friend I know will be excited when she reads this) so next opportunity to go to a book store, that's where Ill be heading.

2. Do something creative!
DIYS/ Do it yourself can be a great project to do when the sun is not cooperating. Just go to town with it and make it your own. Bethany Mota always has really cool DIY's on her channel as well as many other Youtubers. You can also find cool DIY ideas on Pinterest.

3. Bake
I have this one friend who always bakes when they're stressed, but I say it also works while your stuck in the house. I know for a fact that the sweet and GLORIOUS aroma of chocolate chip cookies is always soothing to the soul :)

4. Watch A Movie/ Find a New Series

I recently went on Netflix to watch one of my favorites movies " Can't Buy me Love", and it was. not. there!

After I awoke from the shock I decided to browse for a new movie to fill the void and I found this awesome movie called "After the Ball". It was a modern cinderellaish spin off about a fashion designer who goes in disguise into her family fashion business to uncover her stepmother and stepsisters evil plans to destroy it. It was great.

5. Discover New Outfits, Makeup looks, and Hair Styles

This is one of my personal favorites. A lot of the time during the school year I tend to be drawn to the outfits I immediately know will work and lose a lot of my creativity. So while your watching your movie, pull some pieces from your closet and see what works together. Who knows maybe you will find your new favorite outfit!

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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