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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Essentials

Printed Shorts:
Summer is a time for adventures, and the less time you spend on your outfit the more time you can get out there and explore! My favorite piece to wear during the summer is printed short. you can wear a simple colored v-neck and a pair of super cute printed shorts and throw on a necklace and BOOM! 

This summer I dare you to drink more water!I am! My only exception is my coffee in the morning ( also one of my essentials). Drinking water will give you the energy you need to live better this summer. If you have trouble drinking water, I know I do, find a really cute water bottle or glass that will motivate you to drink. 

Loving these Orla Kiely for Target Bamboo Glass Water Bottles. They’re BPA-free with a leak-proof bamboo cap. Stay hydrated and look chic. Win win.

Nail Polish: 
Make it your mission to find your signature color! If you end up with nothing to do one day, practice getting really good at painting your nails. Besides when my nails are painted I feel like everything I do with my hands automatically becomes 100x more awesome and dainty. Also with all those open toed shoes you'll be strutting in, you need some color. 
10 Best Essie Nail Polish Colours

A Super Cute Hat: 
Everyone needs that one hat that makes them feel super fashion forward. Is it a floppy sun hat? A edgy fedora? Whatever it is, rock it! Hats also provides a nice shade and protection from the sun. 

My Guitar:

Summer cookouts or gatherings always need a little music! Being able to play my guitar when I'm bored or feeling inspired always lifts my spirits. The great thing about music is you can create the soundtrack of your life through your hands and voice, and I think that's pretty awesome. 

Fender Guitar- The guitar I'm using right now is a 24 year Fender Acoustic Guitar. It's been passed down in our family and I love it to bits :)

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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