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Monday, June 15, 2015


That's Right People! School is out , the sun is on, and ( even though it doesn't technically start until the 21st) summer is here! I love summer for a couple reasons and here they are.

 You get to sleep in!
And thankfully enough, unlike in Cinderella's case, there is no annoying clock tower/ alarm clock to wake you up for school. Unfortunately in my case I have a sister who likes to jump on me when I don't wake up.

Pool Time and Fun in the Sun!

I love to swim in the summer. I like to pretend I'm a mermaid occasionally. I'm debating putting it in my yearbook quote : All these years and no one figured out I am a mermaid. 

 Two Words: Frozen Lemonade

Its a slushie, and lemonade combined... GENIUS
And whats better than PINK lemonade! People say there's no difference...

I beg to differ

Going to Amusement Parks:

Weirdly enough I'm a huge thrill seeker when it comes to rides! Who cares about long lines?  Standing in lines I've found are a huge bonding experience. You can talk, and play games, and all that other fun corny stuff :)

Sleepovers Any Day of the Week!

This makes me so happy! I always hate trying to have sleepovers during the school year because my schedule is always so packed. But hey, its summertime..

Want fun sleepover activities?:

And perhaps one of my most favorites...

Summer Fashion:

I'm so excited to share my summer fashion finds with you this season. From bathing suits, to casual wear, and maybe a trip or two this summer is going to be awesome! Stay tuned for more with me, and...

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

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And mark this momentous occasion here is a little music to launch off the best summer ever!


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