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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Crop Top

My First Impression: What has the world come to?

When I first started seeing these famous "crop tops" walking the halls of my school I did not like what I was seeing. I didn't get it. The issue with the crop top, is that if it is not worn right, it can come off as very non-modest ( if you catch my drift). The crop top was being severely miss used. This garment was being used to " show off" in a negative way.  If we look closer at the crop top and how it should be used, it turns out to be a very stunning and modest garment.

Crop tops are made to accentuate a women's figure in an elegant way. When paired with high waist-ed shorts or a high waist-ed skirt, the crop top becomes the go-to in every girls everyday style. They literally could be paired with anything; maxi skirts, blazers, van's, sandals, ect. 

These new innovations were even spotted at some of the top spring fashion shows in the business like Just Cavalli's.   I've also recently seen these garments on the red carpet, like Taylor Swift at the ACM's. Jennifer Lawerence has also been spotted numerous times  rocking this trend.

I never would have guessed that this trend would have such a major impact on today's society. I have to say however with all my doubts in the garment at the beginning, I am proud to say I am a BIG fan of the "crop top"

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