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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Problem

Spring is here! The problem is however I splurged on all winter and fall clothing and now I don't own many spring items. I know what you're thinking - "why don't you just go shopping?"
Sometimes you cant always drop everything and go shopping, especially in the month of May ( which is a crazy time for everyone). However, NOT ALL HOPE IS LOST! There are ways you can transition your out-dated winter style into something more springy. This way you don't need to splurge on a whole new wardrobe. So without further ado, here is!

My Guide to the Spring Style Swap!

Tip. 1 : Go into the light!
Pastels are totally I'm this spring. You can take the lighter colors in your wardrobe and incorporate them with a darker color to create a brighter look.
Tip 2: Lighten Up the Load
Winter time fashion is all about the layers. It's time to lighten up! Remove some of those layers. This gives you a fresh and open look, giving you a more inviting vibe!
Tip 3: Go Girly <3
Love is in the air ( its also an open door ;) and floral print is totally the rage. That sounded super eighties, but it's true!!!  Break out from your usually harsh edgy winter look. Get inventive with your hair. Accent braids and curls look especially girly. If you're having trouble lots of beauty guru's on YouTube have tons of videos on cool hair styles for spring. 
I recommend : MakeupbyMandy24
                           Bethany Mota

Overall Tip: Keep It Light
I can not stress this enough! Spring is all about warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. Spring is a time to feel free! If you're in need of some style inspiration do what I do...
Search through Pinterest! If you're in to fashion but aren't always up with the current trends and want to know whats in, and whats out, it is so helpful. I highly recommend it !

Good Luck my beauties! I hope my tips have been very helpful if you were in need of some inspiration.

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