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Friday, June 13, 2014

Into it or Over It: Overalls

Schools out finally! – However this does not give you a chance to stop being fabulously dressed (ok maybe just a little). What if there was a way to combine casual summer attire and some sense of girly-ness? Well luckily for all the girls out there, including me, who are striving to find the balance, I have spotted a trend arising…

One big trend I have spotted recently is the recent explosion of overalls. They started making an appearance this spring and have continued to blow up. Myself personally I could never pull overalls off, well maybe when I was six, but never the less they’ve still exploded. As I've said before this year, 2014, has been the year of youthful attire. You could go edgy with a printed tank and a pair of chucks/vans. Or you could go girly and pair them with a graphic tank, a nice pair of oxfords, and a flower crown. With the ability to go from edgy to girly overalls are perfect for summer.

The tank is from Forever21, the overalls are from Aeropostale, and the Black vans are from Vans.

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