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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Bold Brow

If you have been living under a rock anytime between January and now you maybe a little confused about what I am talking about in this article. However for those of you who may be isolated from the media I am here to enlighten you on this subject I have been wrestling with: The Bold Brow.

Throughout my life, the older I got, the darker and thicker my eyebrows got. I absolutely hated it! They got so out of control I even started getting them waxed at like nine years old (not my idea but mom know best right?). I hated how they took over my face and I felt like I had two caterpillars growing out of my forehead. This year and the past one have shown though that maybe my " fuzzy caterpillars" aren't such a bad thing. 

This year I have really started branching out and experimenting with makeup, however filling in my brows seemed like a daunting and extremely difficult task. I had watched  millions ( over exaggeration ) of youtube videos but every time I did it I looked ridiculous. However when I finally mastered it, I loved how they looked. They framed my face and made my hazel eyes pop! 

I definitely recommend bold brows to top of any look. When going to a formal affair or just heading off for a night on the town, they are the perfect accessory. Team Bold Brows!

Here is a video from that I think does a really nice job explaining the process!

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