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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Swimsuit Trends of 2014

The days until summer break are super close and I am excited! Warm temperatures, nice long swims, and plenty of ice cream ! No summer vacation can be complete without the perfect bathing suit. This summer I've seen some really cute trends arise.  Myself personally, I love to go bold with my swimwear, however there is such a variety of styles, prints, and cuts to choose from.

The One Piece:
I've noticed a reappearance of the one piece this season.One piece swimsuits are the bikinis older more sophisticated sister. Interestingly though these are not your regular one piece cover up anymore that have been used to  hide your body. One pieces now-a-days come with sexy cutouts and super interesting prints. There really nice if you want a little bit more coverage and sophistication.

The Bikini:

The bikini has been popular for a while now for a number of reasons, the most popular being the excuse to show a little skin. Bikinis can come in super vibrant colors and prints or in simple solid colors. There are many different types of bikini's; the bandeau, halter, string, etc. My favorites are the floral printed ones because they have such a girly and flirty quality to them.  I also like the lace ones for this same reason.

Both Swimsuits are from FOREVER21

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