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Monday, June 2, 2014

This VS That: Sunglasses

No summer outfit can be complete without a rockin pair of shades. I've seen two types of sunglasses recently that have really caught my attention. However I can't decide which I like better.

I <3 You
How adorable does Bethany Mota look in these heart shaped glasses. I love how these glasses make any outfit immediately girly and innocent. I think overall anyone could pull these off. They are a little out of the box as well without pushing the boundaries. These would be the perfect beach accessory to wear with a lace bikini or the perfect pair of sunglasses to throw on when going out with friends. My favorites are the rose pink tinted ones.


These glasses have really exploded this year. I love the  retro feel of these glasses and how they really make a statement. They are very out of the box and, in my opinion, very stylish. At first I thought they were sort of elderly looking,
but I absolutely love them.I also like that they are similar to the geek glasses, but with a twist. However I don't think all face types look good with these types of sunglasses. You really have to have the right features to pull these things off. Now that being said, I honestly have no clue what you have to have feature wise to pull these off, but when you see someone wearing them determine that for yourself.

What are your favorite type of Sunglasses? Comment Below( Note: Doesn't have to be any of the ones listed)
<3 Stay Fabulous<3

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