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Saturday, August 23, 2014

50 Random Facts About Me!

1. When I get older I really want to travel around the world.
2. I have six pets.
3. My favorite type of soda is Dr.Pepper!
4. My favorite type of dessert is Tiramisu.
5. I've never been to a concert.
6. I've technically broken 2 bones but I'm pretty sure I broke 3.
7. I am super squeamish and I cannot watch any shows about medical procedure.
8. My favorite type of movies are basically chic flicks but I also like most of the marvel movies as well.
9. I HATE HORROR MOVIES. There just super confusing to me and I don't understand why anybody would want to watch someone get killed so violently in that way.
10.  I don't have a favorite color, rather I have favorite combinations of colors.
11. I go to an Arts high school for Musical Theater.
12. I did competitive gymnastics for about 6 years, but I did gymnastics for a total of 10 and a half.
13. I've been to the top of the empire state building!
14. I have super weak ankles.
15. I am 5 foot 7 inches.
16. I believe no one is ever to old for Disney.
17. I am a Christian.
18. I play three instruments.
19. I have two siblings.
20. I was born in Illinois.
21. My favorite number is 21.
22. I was suppose to be a blond but my hair didn't get the memo.
23. When I flex my toes fast they crack.
24. When poems don't rhyme they make me feel uncomfortable.
25. I have a thing about germs.
26. My favorite Starbucks drink is the Mocha Cookie Crumble.
27. I am more of a flats person then a heels person.
28. I absolutely hate the cold.
29. My birthday is December 21st. ( which is ironic because of #28 )
31. You didn't realize that I skipped 30.
32. I really like to scare people. ( which again is ironic because of # 9)
33. I am obsessed with scarves.
34. I have a million different laughs for all different situations. I hate my laugh. S?
Pictures & Photos of Zac Efron Poster35. My favorite shows off all time are Ugly Betty, Big Bang Theory, and Project Runway.
36. My favorite actors are Zac Efron, Jim Parson, and Jim Carrey.
37. Frolo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame gives me the creeps.
38. My dreams are super strange. I once had a dream that I killed a golden stink bug and died. Then I went on a game show to see if I would go to Heaven or... the other place.
39.I have moved 8 times.
40. I can belly dance with my pinkie on my right hand.
41.I did competitive dance for a year.
44. I wasn't allowed and am still not allowed to play in the rain.
45. I am usually a huge goody two shoes.
46. Whatever I end up doing with my life I want to be successful.
47. I love old 80's and 90's movies.
48. I love schedules. If something changes in my daily routine it really irks me.
49. I hate when people say that they have to itch something. You have to scratch an itch, you cannot itch and itch.
50. I love to see other people truly passionate about something.

<3 Stay Fabulous <3
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