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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My High School Realization

Hey guys! Long time no see. How was your first day of school? I really hoped you had a good one. Mine was so chaotic! I'm still getting adjusted but I will get used to it ...I hope.  So as most of you know I started school on Wednesday of last week and I've realized a lot of things. I thought I'd share with you my realizations and struggles of the first week of school.

1. Actually getting up in the morning, not the first day, BUT THE SECOND! The first day your so pumped up, you get up on time. But the second day you literally want to melt into your bed and just stay there for all eternity.
snooze gif
2. Figuring out your schedule. If it was not for knowing at least one person in each of my classes, this would have been such a HUGE problem for me. There's just so many places you need to be and there all in different locations ITS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!!!

3. Just because you use primer, that does not mean that by the end of the day you won't look like a sweaty, sleepy, zombie. I mean I took so much effort in the morning to make sure my makeup looked perfect and after 7 and 1/2 hours it all means nothing!

4. Teachers who give you homework on the first day are the worst. Sure this may be just a short response, or a couple math problems, BUT ITS STILL HOMEWORK! HOW COULD YOU BE THIS CRUEL :O

5. Its so terribly tempting (that's fun to say) to wear sweats. I have a personal rule about not wearing sweat pants to school because I feel like it shows that you just don't care and that's not how I want to come off to my teachers. ( Can you say Goody-To-Shoes) But they just feel so good and comfy and I just wanna wear them BUT I CAN'T.
The Difference Between Freshman Year And Senior Year In College
6. Social media will be your savior. If you follow someone on Instagram, I feel like it is a lot easier to talk to them in real life. Its sounds weird but I feel like if they accept your request, its kind of green light to say " hey it's actually okay if you talk to me ".

7. For me gym class actually doesn't suck first period. Since I go to an Arts High School, are gym unit right now is Yoga ( you jelly ?).  Its such a nice way to get unstressed before the intensity that is my day of High School Education.

8. Lunch on the first day is Scary as... well you know what I mean! Everybody just automatically knows who their going to sit with and where their going to sit. Then your just standing there debating if you should try to sit by a stranger or man up and eat in the bathroom.... Oh and school lunch is DISGUSTING!


9. Freshman Friday is not a real thing!

10. In an extra boring class its fun to have a buddy who you can make jokes with the entire time. Sure I should be listening but...

<3 Stay Fabulous <3

Click the Title and Comment: What is one thing you liked about your first day?

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