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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Move over Ombre, Sombre's here!

Every one loves a good Ombre, I know I do! Especially when Miley sported this super sweet curly, bob, Ombre hair last year. But Ombres, those fun super dark to super light hairstyles, seem a little bit to drastic for the fall season. Fall time is all about softer colors and cooler weather. And even though fall isn't here yet... ITS COMING ( to a theater near you ).  :)  Luckily a new hair trend has been spotted that is perfect for fall. Its more natural and definitely not as bold as its closely related sister Ombre.

This new style is called the Sombre. Whenever I hear that word I always think of the samba... I don't even know.
The Sombre is very close to an Ombre in that the color goes from dark ( at the roots) to light ( on the ends). However with the Sombre, the color change from
root to tip is not as widely ranged ,and the colors are much softer and subtle . This new color trend is definitely on the rise and has been spotted on celebs like Ana Kendrick, Vanessa Hudges, and Lea Michelle.

I am definitely hoping to try out this hairstyle and I'm so glad I didn't die my hair PINK when I said I was going to...

So what are your thoughts on the new Sombre trend? Are you thinking about trying it? What Celebrity do you think would benefit from this trend? Leave your comments down below!

<3 Stay Fabulous <3


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