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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Introducing Josie Baker!

If you didn’t know this already , I.Love.YouTube. I’m serious, it’s an obsession. While other people maybe spending there summer, partying the night away,  I’m always at my computer. I mean who needs a social life anyways...* cue crickets*
YouTube is such a great place to gain information, entertainment, and a sense of community.  And Speaking of YouTube I’m very happy to introduce to you all ,my friend , Josie Baker. She is one of my ( very talented ) old friends from musical theater camp! She has just started a beauty and fashion channel and I’d love for you to check it out! She’s going to be a sophomore this year and is super excited about launching her channel.   I caught up with Josie and asked her a couple of questions regarding her blog and what’s coming in the future!

Me: Let's just get into it! When I subscribe to someone I want to know all there is to know about them. So I’m going to ask you a couple of random questions to get to know you better.  First question: If you were on a stranded island and you could only take one thing, what would you take?

Josie: My Mom

Me: Are you more of a bold lip kind of girl or a bold eye?

Josie: Ooh. Tough one. Probably bold eye because you could have an understated lip with bold eyes and look great but if you had a bold lip but barely any eye makeup, it might look a bit odd...

Me: Oh my goodness I know exactly what you mean! Who are your favorite people on YouTube?

Josie: Meghan Rienks, ThatsHeart, Bethany Mota, stilababe09 (Meredith), Seventeen, MyLifeAsEva, and DisneyOnBroadway.

Me: Meghan, Meredith, and Bethany are SO AMAZING! I watch there videos all the time.

Josie:Meghan is totally my favorite. She's so real.

Me:  I know what you mean. She just turned 21 right?

Josie: Yep!

Me: One more. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Josie: Vanilla!

Me: The only time I really like vanilla if it is drenched in sprinkled and cherries!

Me:  Is your channel strictly going to be a fashion and beauty channel or are you planning to incorporate other elements as well?

Josie:  Well, I’d like to focus on fashion and beauty, but I also like to cook and I’m totally a silly person.

Me: How often are you planning on uploading? And are you going to continue throughout the school year?

Josie: I’d like to upload videos as often as I can. But as you’ll see quite soon, our school can get very crazy. I barely had time to breath last year, so hopefully a few per month. But I don’t know if they’re will be more or less. And yes! I will totally continue throughout the school year.

Me:  How long have you been interested in making YouTube videos and how long have you been interested in fashion/beauty in general?

Josie: I mean I've been making videos really since I was 8, when I got my first camera. But as for YouTube, it’s kind of been my obsession for about a year I’d say. And I’ve loved fashion and beauty for years. I played dress up a lot when I was little J

Me: I’ve loved fashion since forever. When I was six my mom and I used to watch “ What not to Wear” together! Another question, I’ve seen Amelia Workman in you TMI tag, are you guys sharing a channel or was that just a fun thing to do together.

Josie: Amelia’s my best friend. She love’s beauty and fashion just as much as I do. No, we don’t have a shared channel, she has her own, I have my own. But that was really my first attempt at practically anything!

Me: Alrighty last question, what is the main thing we can expect from your Channel as it progresses?

Josie: Better editing and camerawork!

Josie is so amazing and I’d love for all of you to go check her out and subscribe to her channel!

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