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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back To School with Beth!

The new Bethany Mota- Back To School Collection came out recently and I am so excited! I love Bethany's style so much and her personality really comes through, through her collection. The collection consist of lots of cute graphic tee's, printed button ups, super snuggly sweaters, accessories, and even shoes! Plus the new collection also features her new perfume!!! I haven't gotten a chance to smell it yet, but everyone raves about it and I would love to pick it up. I am most impressed by how realistic the clothing line is for school, the clothes are appropriate and on trend which is definitely something for the plus column.

Side Note: I am so happy that Bethany Mota is doing so well. I've watched her videos for a little over a year now and she seems like one of the sweetest people ever. I actually thought I saw her once at a Panera, but unfortunately it was just a girl that looked EXTREMELY similar. But hey Beth, if you ever need a stunt double I know where you can find one ;)

You should totally check this collection out and tell me what you think! Also you can subscribe to Bethany's Channel if you're feeling up to it! Her videos are always so happy and upbeat, that just make you smile!

<3 Stay Fabulous <3


Are you thinking about purchasing anything from the collection? Comment Down Below!
All Pictures are from the Aeropostale Website:

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