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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

End Of The Countdown

 My favorite song this summer is either On My Way by Lea Michelle or Break Free by Ariana Grande! These songs are perfect for jamming out and the singers are both so talented.

All I have to say is… Dr.Pepper is and always will be the BAE.

Nail Polish
I love this aqua color from GAP. My mom got it for me and it just reminds me of the fun time I had at Sea Isle city and the ocean.

Fashion trend
I am really a big fan of Maxi dresses. There just so easy and glamorous at the same time. I also love the ventilation they give you, which is essential in the summer time because no one wants to get all hot and sweaty.

Beauty Trend
I loved the bronzed beauty look. Bronze is the optimum color for summer because of its power to create a warmer look. However I am naturally super pale and it’s a little harder for me to get tan… *sigh*

Clothing Item
I am in love with my white t shirt I got at Kohl’s. Its super simple but I can pair it so many ways. Plus white is a great color for summer.

I love being able to go to the beach and boogie board, it’s so fun! On the other hand I love being able to stay up late and sleep until 11! #Vamping

I’m not much of an accessory person, mostly because I lose all of them the minute after I take them off. However I love my gold owl earrings I purchased at Forever 21.  There so versatile and make any look instantly more glamorous and fun!

I am a big sucker for animated/ musical movies so I would have to stay Rio 2.

In the summer, there are lots of cookouts with lots of good food. My all-time favorite summer food is hamburgers.  I try to limit my intake of red meat so it’s nice to have a burger once in a while

Fro-Yo all the way! I wish I could say ice cream but sadly I cannot. #TheStruggle

This summer I've absolutely loved the new Kim Kardashian game.  I. am. addicted. When I was away on vacation there was no Wi-Fi so I lost so many fans. IT WAS TERRIBLE! P.S I am an A Lister!!!!!
That's the end of the Countdown folks! If you have any ideas of what you would love to see next on my blog be sure to comment on this post! <3 Stay Fabulous <3

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