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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Top Ten: Beauty Mistakes

1. Curling your eye lashes after you've already put mascara on them. This will tug and pull at your eyelashes and make them clump. Not to mention it will be more likely that you pull them out of your lash line. OUCH!

2. Pulling at your lid when you put on eyeliner.  I know that this is hard not to do, however it causes premature wrinkles and no one wants that.

3. Forgetting to blend out your eye shadow. When you don't blend out your eye shadows, your overall eye look will look to precise and accurate indicating that your wearing more makeup, which in actuality you're not. By blending in the colors it will soften the eye look and create a more pristine finish. For more information on blending check this out:

4. Wearing makeup to bed. I am very guilty of this one. Wearing makeup to bad is so, so bad for your skin. It prevents your skin from recovering from the day, it suffocates the skin. I even heard some where that sleeping in your makeup ages your skin 7 days. This might be a myth but if that's a possibility I am definitely not doing it anymore. For more information check out:
5. Not carrying your foundation onto your neck. I use to make this mistake so much when I was a beginner. If you do not blend out your foundation onto your neck, you will look like you are wearing a mask. Can you say #CakeFace?

6. Scrubbing too hard/ exfoliating too much. Your skin is not a piece of wood that needs constant, excruciating, sanding. exfoliating too much can cause sensitivity, redness, irritation, and dryness. You want to remove dead skin cells, not live ones. For more information check out:

7. Over plucking your eyebrows. You're eyebrows can be the make or break of any look. Eyebrows are suppose to frame your face and accentuate your features. Most women over pluck their eyebrows making their faces look unfinished. However you don't want this...
8. Wearing too much blush. This is just an obvious. You are not a Raggedy Ann Doll. There is a simple fix though. If you are wearing a powder blush , take some translucent powder and dust it over. This will tone down the color a little. If you are wearing cream blush, it's a little bit trickier. You can take a small amount of liquid foundation on a cosmetic sponge and dab it over the blush. Do this so with extreme caution.
9. Not wearing a primer. If you do not wear a primer you are subject to a less than fabulous, end of the  day , absolute mess. Primer's are must for any long day, especially if you have naturally oily skin. For best results find a nice, oil-free, primer.

10. Matching you're foundation to the wrong part of your body. You should always match you're foundation to the color of your chest to find your perfect match. This way you match you're foundation to the part of your body that receives the most sunlight unlike your jawline or your neck. This fact of course does not apply if you're obsessed with turtlenecks. Does anyone even wear those anymore? I sure hope not... 

And I just realized in the picture of Christina Aguilera's blush mishap she is wearing a turtleneck, my goodness she was really off point that day!

<3 Stay Fabulous <3
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